Welcome of the CMRA Newsletter Archive. The CRRC/CMRA has been holding races

in the Texas region for over 30 years now. It has been a starting field for many historic and prolific racers.

Providing these Newsletters gives our racing fans an opportunity to see some of the great names in
American roadracing when they were "starting out". This is a unique and grand opportunity to see articles

and news reports about riders such as Colin Edwards, Nicky Hayden, Ben Spies, and MANY 

OTHERS when they were just "cutting their teeth on asphalt and two-stroke mix.


The archived newsletters are provided in order and will be updated monthly until the

webmaster is able to complete the posting of over approximately  50 CRRC/CMRA Newsletters from 1989 

until present. All newsletters "comments" are from RPS Race Team manager Marcus McBain:


1989 - "This was my first year racing in Texas and the speed and skill in the CRRC was impressive. I had 

only one newsletter left from that year. Look through the endurance results on page 7 and notice how many 

of those racers stayed around!" 


CRRC October 1989 Newsletter


1991 - "I missed most of 1990 due to deployment associated with military service and Saudi Arabia -

Desert Shield/Storm so I didn't have many newsletters. At the time the CRRC HAD NO TRACKS with 

Texas world being shutdown and just opening back up at end of '91, so we raced ALL races at Oak Hill 

with the exception of a Hallet race (although the CMRA/HRRC did not necessarily "get along great"). 

THE OTHER TRACK was the infamous Wheels Raceway. Essentially an abandoned airstrip that 

doubled as a drag race strip AND a road course while being threaten to be overgrown by neighboring corn.

NO JOKE, if you crashed, it was likely you were going to be pulling ears of corn off your motorcycle.

It was the most desperate time for the CRRC to find venues to race we did race there. 

As always, so long as it is reasonably safe, racer's WILL RACE...and we did. For me this was the first 

time I was able to really run hard and lead a race (endurance), by the end of the first hour, 

I had nearly lapped the I finally realized I really could race a bike pretty good! This newsletter 

is from the season wrap where future WORLD CHAMPION Colin Edwards raced and you can see 

his sprint results in the latter half of the pages."


CRRC October 1991 Newsletter (and yes, Colin started from 2nd (Novice) wave, so the 

results are impressive as he was running WERA GNF 600cc class National Champions).


1992 - "After leaving the service, I finally could race full-time starting in the summer of 1992. The extra 

time to ride was paying off, and 1992 was a very great year for me as my good friend Jeb Bridgeman and 

I figured out a way to be able to afford to endurance race...we would put about 38-43 lbs of air in the tires 

(which made them bricks), but the tires would last and entire race usually. So we learned to drift the bike 

around the track fast enough to win without crashing. It truly was like riding on bowling balls for tires." 


"Another amazing thing 1992 was the ongoing emergence of a racing family from Kentucky. Some guy 

named "Earl" used to haul his kids down in a box van to race mini's here in Texas. I 

remember him being a good dad and pretty strict on the boys. The kids apparently turned out was

three brothers that went by the Name of Tommy, Nicky, and Roger Lee...last name 

Hayden I think! I bring this up as it seems we are witnessing this crazy obsession with parents thinking 

their "kid" is the next 'Kevin Schwantz". SERIOUSLY FOLKS, be a good parent first, make sure you kid 

graduates from High School, AND THEN maybe when they actually ride a "real bike" (600cc Superstock for 

instance) and win, you may have "something special"...otherwise getting them a website and managing 

a facebook page for them is simply unfair to them and the public at large."


"The CRRC changed to the "CMRA" in 1992 as they felt this would help the club be recognized as a 

"more professional" organization. I don't think it did anything for the benefit of any racer, but I am sure

someone felt good about the decision."








CMRA APRIL 1992 NEWSLETTER (Make sure you look to see who was beating up on the 

Hayden kids!)