"I missed most of 1990 due to deployment associated with military service and Saudi Arabia - Desert Shield/Storm so I didn't have many newsletters. At the time the CRRC HAD NO TRACKS with Texas world being shutdown and just opening back up at end of '91, so we raced MOST races at Oak Hill with the exception the usual CMRA "Opener" in Monterrey, Mexico. The highlight of each race usually was the party that Mr. Martinez threw at his house and CMRA racers graciously consumed beer and admired the  female servers that seemed in great supply!"


"THE OTHER TRACK we had an option to race was the infamous Wheels Raceway. Essentially an abandoned airstrip that doubled as a drag race strip AND a road course while being threaten to be overgrown by neighboring corn. NO JOKE, if you crashed, it was likely you were going to be pulling ears of corn off your motorcycle. It was the most desperate time for the CRRC to find venues to race at...so we did race there."


"As always, so long as it is reasonably safe, racer's WILL RACE...and we did. For me the last race of the year at Wheels Raceway was the first time I was able to really run hard and lead a race (endurance), by the end of the first hour, I had nearly lapped the field...so I finally realized I really could race a bike pretty good! These newsletters are from the end of the season where future WORLD CHAMPION Colin Edwards raced and you can see his sprint results in the latter half of the pages."


"Jim Sabin, Jeff Harder, Joe Prussiano, Michael Martin, and many others would "mix it up" on a regular basis at Oak Hill. It seemed every weekend at Oak Hill, a big name was coming down to do battle."


"Ronnie Lunsford was helping some new "up and coming" racer...was it a wasted effort helping a rider out? Read on and find out!"


"Also, for people that wonder about Mr. Eric Falt, YES he ran a 600 in 1991 and 1992...AND YOU CAN SEE THE RESULTS HERE!!!"


CRRC August 1991 Newsletter - (yes, Colin Edwards featured very HEAVILY!!!), Also, there is a great story of how Ronnie Lunsford was critical in the early success of Colin.


CRRC October 1991 Newsletter (and yes, Colin started from 2nd (Novice) wave, so the results are impressive as he was running WERA GNF 600cc class National Champions).