"1993 was the last racing for a few years from me. 1992 with the National events, and everything destroyed my savings, money, etc. After the 92 season, I received a HRC Honda/Moto-Liberty try-out letter for their NEW 125cc program, but couldn't even afford to make it. I decided after the first race to hang it up for a few years and financially put my life back together. Racing is tough. It costs a lot and is tough on the personal life, but if you are fortunate, you will get to race many years and enjoy all the people you meet."


1993 started off with a hard freeze at Oak Hill and many bikes had their water pumps destroyed. New blood was coming into the club and racers like Chris Rankin among others were about to assert themselves as top riders while veterans like Greg Abbott, Pete Martins, and others were fighting guys like Chris Rankin, Chad Bynum, and several "up and comers" over the year."


CMRA April 1993 Newsletter