"1997 saw some really interesting racing. With Josh Hayes and Grant Lopez coming to race with us (CMRA) often, John Haner and Ty Howard always had good competition to improve around. Guys like Paul Borderlon, Steve Isenhower, and others would put on winning performances when Haner, Howard, Abbott, etc. didn't have their "A game". Other riders like Shannon Ball, Rodney Smith, and Andy Galindo were sharpening their skills to push to the "next level and make an impact in CMRA racing.


"With all the Hayden boys moving on to bigger and better things, Ben Spies were beginning to really be noticed on his mini's/125 racebike(s). He was winning and running lap times that put notice that he was "one to watch"."


"Gregg Abbott, Pete Martins, and Ronnie Lunsford continued to benchmarks to determine if you were ready to win...or not!?"


"A really talented up and comer by the name of Cass Cooper (who was one of the nicest people you would like to meet) was cleaning up in the Novice classes. Barry McMahon was also becoming a CMRA "Fast Guy", while some guy named James Compton was leaving the grid iron behind and becoming a premier engine builder as well as damn good racer."


CMRA April 1997 Newsletter