"2000 Turned out to be a year that demonstrated a big transition in the club. Having left WERA, it was now part of CCS/PACE. We were still a bit on an island as no Nationals were held in our region. With the economy strong though, the CMRA started to get record level entries on a regular basis. MSR Cresson was added to the schedule and it turned out to be a great track except for ONE THING...on the wrong day with the wrong setup, you could destroy a tire in 4 laps. This situation cured itself over several years, but it was mind boggling to say the least. Ultimately, the type of asphalt they used was a "new generation mix" and it had plenty of grip, but the abrasiveness literally tore the tires to pieces."


"Ben Spies however was now a rider on John Ulrich's Valvoline Suzuki team, and he had "jumped up" a notch in his riding ability which was demonstrated when he set the track record that year at Oak Hill Raceway. Jim Bishop showed that he was the "real deal" and beat Ben Spies and Sam McDonald among his other accomplishments. Ty Howard was "off to the F-USA Nationals", but still found time to ride. G-Man racing with Harry Tomlinson, Pete Martins, and Mike Guillot was the "team to beat" in endurance racing. Ottis Lance, Lance Orr, Bradley Champion, Greg Abbott, Jeremy Keller, Perry Braxmire, Dale Love, Scott Stevens were all maintaining a high-level of riding OR showing they were ready to be the next guys to challenge for "fast guy" respect in the CMRA."