Welcome of the CMRA Newsletter Archive. The CRRC/CMRA has been holding races in the Texas region for over 30 years now. It has been a starting field for many historic and prolific racers. Providing these Newsletters gives our racing fans an opportunity to see some of the great names in American roadracing when they were "starting out". This is a unique and grand opportunity to see articles and news reports about riders such as Colin Edwards, Nicky Hayden, Ben Spies, and MANY OTHERS when they were just "cutting their teeth on asphalt and two-stroke mix.


The archived newsletters are provided in order and will be updated monthly until the webmaster is able to complete the posting of over approximately  50 CRRC/CMRA Newsletters from 1989 until present. All newsletter "comments" are from RPS Race Team manager Marcus McBain.


"You will notice most of the newsletters were written by Charles Brothers. One defining aspect of the newletters is that you could not miss Charles' sense of humor in the title ofalmost all of the newsletters." 


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1989 - Key riders in this year of CRRC racing included: Sam McDonald, Michael Martin, Britt Turkington, Rene & Javier Martinez, Dwayne Davis, Rick Kirk, Joe Prussiano, and Danny Dominguez among others listed. CMRA legend Larry Locklear rides his first Prov-Nov race!


1991 - This was Colin Edwards first year of racing, but also you get a lot of write ups on Ronnie Lunsford, Greg Abbott, Pete Martins, and many others! We continued doing "Big Bike" endurance races at Oak Hill Raceway waiting for Texas World to come "Back on-line". Monterrey MEXICO continued to be on the race schedule as we really did not have any tracks left in Texas outside of Oak Hill.


1992 - This was a golden year for the newly named CMRA. SO MANY great names racing in the club that year, and many starting off that year. Riders like Danny Walker showed up to race in the most competitive regional series in the country. Tatsuhiko Iino lead the "Japanese Import Riders" that Moto-Liberty imported in on an annual basis. One of the lasting rivalries emerged with Larry Locklear VERSUS Greg Abbott in steel cage death match races! (Slightly embellished for effect, but only slightly!!!) We even had Movie Star royalty race in the CMRA that year (related to the movie star anyway...). The first year we did not start in Monterrey, Mexico for several years and the racers liked not having to take the trip (but missed the off track adventures).


1993 - "New Talent" was on the Horizon for the CMRA. Racers such as Chris Rankin, Jeb Bridgeman, Mark Black, James Shaefer, and many others were on the warpath for "top billing". Eric Falt continued to be THE CLUBMAN KING!!!


1997 - For the second time in 3 years, MORE "New Talent" was coming to the forefront. John Haner and Ty Howard, were now the "heirs apparent" for CMRA "fast guy" status although Greg Abbott, and Pete Martins were determined to stay as one of the "top dogs" with other riders like Steven Wright, Paul Borderlon, and several others vying for recognized consistency and performance.


1998 - John Haner and Ty Howard WERE NOW THE FAST guys with youngster Ben Spies starting to show the promise of his future to come. Pete Martins, Ronnie Lunsford, and Greg Abbott were always around "keeping them honest" and winning! Regular CMRA riders that participated on the National Circuit(s) like 

Josh Hayes, Grant Lopez, and Joe Prussiano pop in for cash and prizes when available. 


1999 - Haner and Howard continue to dominate, while veterans like Ottis Lance, Mike Harth, and others reemerge to show their skills did not dissipate with age! Shannon Ball and Brett Champagne show the CMRA that Cajuns can ride! Future Jordan Suzuki Mechanic James Compton continues to show his riding skills not realizing he (and another future CMRA racing "up and comer") will become part of one of the best teams in AMA Racing within a few short years.


2000 - Ty Howard begins to be "THE TOP DOG" in the club still battling with John Haner. A certain Michael Sanchez races his first novice race(s) ready to emerge as the the CMRA top rider within a matter of 2 years. John Haner begins to define his "Signature Move" by backing it in to corners full lock while running at Track record pace. Ben Spies now is on a National ride, but returns to Texas to ride with the CMRA when time is available.


2003 - Michael Sanchez is now the clubs top rider, while a certain Novice by the name of Mark Delano achieves feats as a Novice not done since Colin Edwards. Other notable riders such as Ty Howard, John Haner, Joe Prussiano, and the "Northwest Honda Team" continue to define their history in the CMRA. Logan Young jumps to big bikes and will win the Horizon Award within a year.