Born in Painesville, Ohio, Danny started racing at the age of 8 with his family. Showing natural talent, Kelsey and his father (Ken) continued to compete and progress over the next 12 years. Danny attended Leander High School in Leander, Texas where he graduated with a 3.4 GPA. Continuing his motocross career, he focused on the Clear Channel Arenacross series where he placed himself in the top-5 on several occasions.



In 2005, Kelsey met Marcus McBain while at a race with childhood friend Shea Fouchek. McBain convinced him to “try” road racing. In 2006, Kelsey raced in his first road race (which he won from a 9th row start (2nd wave) in four laps) and went on to win 41 races that year in 50 starts. While fine tuning his skills over the next few years, Danny married Kayla Skinner in 2009, and he is a control systems Project Manager installing KMC Controls when not competing on the racetrack.  



Working with Marcus McBain, who has worked with several professional riders in their “early years” including current M4 Suzuki pilot star Dane Westby, former M4 & Erion Honda pilot Shea Fouchek, and 2007 Horizon award winner Cory Burleson. McBain found Kelsey to be such a tremendous naturally talented rider that he has worked directly with him since 2006. McBain observed, “In the racing business, sponsors want winners, but they also want quality people. Danny (Kelsey) has impressed me as much off the track as on the track...and it is rare to find such a talented and responsible person. The manner in which he conducts his business on and off the track in a professional manner is a definite benefit to the team.”



Danny has competed primarily in the Central Motorcycle Roadracing Association (CMRA) championship series. The CMRA encompasses the south central United States (Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, and Arkansas primarily) and is known as the top regional organization in the country for producing National and World Champions. The list of previous CMRA world champions includes Freddie Spencer, Kevin Schwantz, Colin Edwards, John Kocinski, Nicky Hayden, and Doug Polen as well as dozens of national champions. Kelsey additionally competes in the Daytona Motorsports Group American Superbike Series.