Racing Performance Services is proud to announce our first in-house top-tier valve kit. The Supersport Valve Kit v2.0 COMPLETELY addresses the 8 critical areas of damping for both Showa and Kayaba OEM forks to provide one of the smoothest working set of forks you will ever own. The RPS Supersport Valve Kit v2.0 includes the following:

                    All for only $399.00 !!!

RPS completes a full service on each and every Supersport Valve Kit v2.0. You will know when you receive your forks back from RPS that you have straight and properly performing forks on top of the upgraded performance of our racetrack designed spring and valving solutions. 

On the first weekend of the product's launch, Ty Howard smashed the Oak Hill Raceway track record by almost a second on his Kawasaki ZX-636!  This product provides the ultimate suspension upgrade solution to your OEM forks. RPS addresses 8 critical areas of damping control to provide outstanding feel and control with your OEM forks. Your forks will have the following components and fluids upgraded/replaced:

Rebound and Compression Stroke

-Valve Stack - RPS uses its' extensive experience with digressive, linear, and progressive valve stack configurations to meet your  performance needs!

-Check Valve Design - RPS will enhance your damping by utilizing check plate configurations developed on the racetrack. This includes over a dozen track records in the last two years.

-Machined Piston Surface - Every RPS Supersport Vavle Kit v2.0 will have the pistons machine to RPS specifications to meet your performance needs.

-Air Spring Rate - RPS will ensure that you are not constantly "bottoming out" and upsetting your motorcycle's geometry and race track performance by independently setting your fork's Air Spring Rate independently.

-Spring Rate - RPS will ensure you have a spring weight that accounts for the nuances of your motorcycle. This includes addressing radial mount brakes and rider weight.

-Silkolene RSF Fork Oil - Silkolene RSF Fork Oils provide the most consistent performance of any fork oil RPS has used. The RSF product tier is the best Silkolene can provide. It costs more, buy your forks are worth it! 

Development History

This is the evolution of the original RPS "Sport Package" valving solution. The RPS "Sport Package" was our budget fork valve solution. It was designed to be a competent solution that outperformed solutions that were already on the market. What was amazing was that riders that had ridden on Race-Tech and other such products told us the "Sport Package" worked much better than their previous competitor's product. RPS put a a bulletin that any Race-Tech customer could have the Gold Valves taken out and RPS would put the stock pistons back in with our valving solution. We even invited racers to bash us if they did like it. What happened was amazing. Racers were dropping 2-3 seconds off their lap times using our "Sport Package" over the Race-Tech and other national name brands.  After racers won tens of thousands of dollars on our "Sport Package" and numerous championships, RPS looked to find out if we could improve the performance even more. Sure enough, we did. We then found our Traxxion Dynamics customers were also telling us that the Supersport valve kit v2.0 was better than our Traxxion Dynamics products. The decision was made in August of 2005 to make this our premiere product and drop Traxxion Dynamics. The years and thousands of bikes that RPS worked on gave us an amazing development curve and the company's customers are the big winners.. 

In its' short history, Racing Performance Services has built, serviced, setup, and consulted on thousands of  motorcycles. We have serviced and installed race-winning products utilizing Ohlins, Traxxion Dynamics, and Race-Tech solution kits and forks. During this time, the company has found two indisputable trends.

  1. There is no true off the shelf box solution that addresses all of the problems and shortcomings of suspension components from the factory. Although some kits do work well in both Showa and Kayaba forks, RPS has always been able to independently find a better product solution. As the former #1 dealer in the country for Traxxion Dynamics, we did indeed feel that they did provide the most most consistent levels of high performance and RPS was proud to sell their product, but again, we believe that we now have a better product that is more specific to the manufacturer's products. 
  2. You cannot valve or build the forks the same or similar for different skilled riders of different weights.  Compromise is the product you produce when you do this and RPS has addressed this in its Supersport Valve Kit v2.0.

We are dedicated to providing the best products for you and will do our best to make your experience with RPS outstanding!


Marcus McBain

Owner-Racing Performance Services