Cresson, Texas -  CMRA #1 Plate Holder Danny Kelsey secured two wins and two 2nd place finishes during the 7th round of CMRA Sprint Championship Series racing action.  The racing was fast and tight as CMRA and AMA riders battled against the Georgetown, Texas rider. One of the most exciting among the continuing rivalries has been the matchup between Kelsey and fellow Texas rider Ty Howard in the Open Superbike and Superstock classes. In the last two race events, the two CMRA racers have demonstrated a tenacity and skill level that the spectators have really started to watch closely.

The team continued to develop their approach to putting Kelsey on the top of the box. “I am not sure if most would understand why, but last year’s methods just weren’t allowing Danny to develop as a professional rider. This year has been about putting the fastest laps in, developing the bike components & chassis, and ensuring that Danny is always competitive no matter who he is racing with or what the competition is on. Last year was also successful, but this year even though Danny may have won less races up to this point…it is obvious this year the level of performance is higher and that if you want to beat Danny, you better bring your “A” game”, reflected team manager Marcus McBain.

The methods being used helped make the debut of the JRi shock in CMRA sprint action a very successful one. Again, Marcus McBain noted, “We did a quick test at the first Hallett race with the JRi shock, and were able to use our shock dyno information that we collected with Roger Albert with OnRoad-OffRoad Cycles, and shared it with Tim Godshall of JRi. Tim sent us the product per our specification request and it was on the money! You are always worried about putting on a different suspension component, but I would have never imagined you could bolt on a product like a new shock and have such an easy setup process. A lot of that credit has to go to Tim Godshall though. He has always been successful with the products he provides, and we were glad to be another part of Tim’s successful practices.”

Friday practice ended well with Michelin Cup sponsored Kelsey clearly putting in the fastest laps, but the team realized that CMRA perennial champion Ty Howard would show up Sunday and put his numerous laps of experience and fast abilities to quick use. As expected, Kelsey and Howard were the fastest two during Sunday morning’s first practice respectively. Kelsey felt comfortable and realized that in addition to Howard, Derek Wagnon, and Dustin Dominguez would be “knocking on the door” too.

The first race of the day would show how well the team did setting up the GP Suspension equipped GSXR-750. As the flag dropped in B Superstock, Kelsey dropped the hammer and lead exiting Turn One. He put in a 1:19.179 lap in from a standing start. By lap two, Kelsey had a 4 second lead and posted the fastest lap of the race with a 1:16:010. By mid-point, his lead expanded to almost 7 seconds. Kelsey took advantage of the lead and backed off the pace to comfortably win.

As Open Superstock lined up on the grid, Kelsey and Howard quickly took up where they left off at Hallett. The two riders continued to battle and were generally separated by less than a second most of the race. Unfortunately for Kelsey, Howard took advantage of his skill and track experience to put too many lappers between himself and Kelsey. Howard took the win.

The 750 Superbike race was somewhat of a repeat of the 750 Superstock race with Kelsey posting another comfortable win. To underscore his determination to win this race, he was able to put in a 1:18.881 on the opening lap and put in the fastest lap of the race (and for all CMRA riders) with a 1:15.712 on lap two. Kelsey took the checkered flag with 9.077 seconds of cushion. 

The Open Superbike race would be Danny’s final race of the day and the final rematch against Ty Howard on his KTM RC-8. As the green flag dropped, the two riders continued their high speed chess match. Howard took an initial lead of 0.8 seconds on lap one, but Kelsey put his head down dropped a 1:15.838 (fastest lap of the race) on lap two to close the gap.  The riders were within .5 seconds of each other the remainder of the race. As the two riders encountered lapped traffic, Kelsey worked hard to stay on the rear wheel of Howard so that he would not be able to create an excessive gap. As the laps worked down, Kelsey closed to within .2 seconds of Howard. Although Howard would use the RC-8’s grunt to ride a strategic pace, Kelsey was diving hard in the turns to negate any straightway speed of the RC-8. As the two riders entered the final turn, five lapped riders dotted the 500 foot path to the finish line for Howard and Kelsey. As the two riders weaved through traffic to the finish, Howard emerged the winner by .1 seconds. The two riders put on a great show and the ability to weave through riders in the manner they did with no incidents was a testament to their speed and skill.

“Man, I really wanted to beat Ty, but I also have to congratulate him on his riding. He was fast and I will continue to work harder to finish in front of him. I am really happy with what we accomplished with the bike and how easy the JRi shock was to setup, but I still wanted to get by Ty”, stated Danny Kelsey. Kelsey’s consolation was the fastest lap of the weekend (1:15.712) and two wins. Additionally, Kelsey made a good charge in the #1 points chase with two rounds to go. would like to thank its sponsors KMC Controls, JRi Shocks, Komodo, Lone Star Track Days, GP Suspension, Dynojet, DP Brakes, LP Racing, Hotbodies, Arata, K's Motorsports, Vortex, WRW Racing, Sam’s Cycle Salvage, Michelin, and Island Racing Services for their continued support. For more information about Danny Kelsey and, please visit

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