Mike Applegate and Dennie Burke lead the list of riders that scored over a half dozen wins and over 30 podium positions at the Pueblo facility during the MRA championship round. RPS owner Marcus McBain arrived at Second Creek Raceway on Tuesday before the MRA/PMI round to help solve suspension problems for the Colorado riders. RPS serviced over a dozen sets of forks and setup over 20 motorcycles leading up to the start of the MRA championship round held in Pueblo, Colorado. 

After RPS arrived at PMI from 2nd Creek Friday morning. The practice day started off with Mark Nudelman and Dave Gossett receiving full Axxion Valve treatment for their forks. Gossett got on pace very quickly as he improved his lap times immediately and looked ready to move up en route to his championship quest. In the Open Solo Endurance race, Nudelman and Gossett showed their investment on their forks paid off. Both ran very consistent lap times as well as battled for podium honors. Tragedy struck though for Gossett. Forced to start the race on very worn tires due to budget issues, Dave had to back off the pace and this allowed the 4th and 5th place riders to start to mix it up with him. This was bad as one of the riders he was dicing with is probably the least smooth rider in the MRA. Sure enough, on lap 10, Dave got tangled up and ended up on the short end of the stick with said rider. A broken collarbone and some bruises were the result with Gossett’s bike sustaining minimal damage. In the end, RPS sponsored Rich Deeming finished 2nd  (up front as always) in the race with RPS customer Nudelman finishing a solid fourth.

RPS customer turned RPS sponsored rider Donna Bowden did very well this weekend. Donna contests the Modern Vintage GTU/GTO classes. Donna earned a solid 3rd place finish in the GTU class and consequently she is now in a solid 3rd place position for the season championship. Good Job Donna!!!

In the Solo Endurance Middleweight, RPS sponsored Mike Applehans moved up to second in points for the season with another consistent finish. RPS sponsored Justin Meyer made a hell of a showing with a solid 2nd place. RPS Sponsored Greg Greenwood also did a hell of a job by putting the 2nd RPS sponsored machine in the top 5.

Sunday’s sprints looked rough! With Larry Denning in town for Yamaha money and the regular contenders poised for blood, it would be tough to earn a win. Putting THREE WINS TOGETHER would be almost impossible. Well, 3 wins is exactly what RPS customer Mike Applegate put together. WOW!!! Applegate had his best weekend of the season. Mike took top honors in the Heavyweight Solo endurance race on Saturday and then proceeded to win the Heavyweight Supersport and Superbike classes. During this achievement, Applegate shutout Marty Sims in both races they were in and this is indeed impressive as Sims is without a doubt the standard that middleweight and heavyweight riders must measure against. GREAT JOB MIKE APPLEGATE.

RPS sponsored Ryan Burke had a tough weekend as engine and brake problems kept Ryan off the pace and this has really hindered his efforts for the season as this is the third weekend that mechanical issue has drastically affected the machine’s performance.

RPS sponsored Dennie Burke had a bittersweet weekend. Once again, Dennie should have won the Open Supersport race, but Larry Denning was on Yamaha $$$ hunt and Burke had to settle for 2nd place. Dennie put in a solid 6th place in Race of the Rockies. Dennie finds himself in the thick of the championship hunt with the lead in the Open Supersport championship and 6th place in the Race of the Rockies championship.

RPS Sponsored Rich Deeming rolled along with top finishes. Rich is doing a great job of putting consistent and fast riding in every race he enters. Rich finished 2nd in the Solo Endurance Open race and this helped his championship lead as he looks to be the run away championship winner. Rich is also poised to take advantage of any mistake by Burke in the Open Supersport championship and take the season champion honors.

Highlighting the RPS sponsored rider stable results were:

Thanks to all of the RPS riders and customers that demonstrate the effectiveness of our products and services.

Marcus McBain