The saying, "It's not how big your successes are that win a war, but how you manage through the defeats in battle..." would be the what the team came away understanding leaving Motorsport Ranch in Cresson, Texas.


The weekend started with a challenge as Danny Kelsey made a misstep on his GSXR-750 while putting in a flyer of a lap. With the Suzuki heavily damaged, it appeared that Kelsey's ability to battle head-to-head with Carlos Lescale and Brandon Cleland and fight for valuable championship points would not be possible this weekend. With the crew pulled together though and miraculously put the trusty Suzuki back together to rejoin the fight with Kelsey on board. 

Although only a few points were mathematically gained, EVERY POINT COUNTS and Kelsey left Cresson
with a few more points for his championship lead.


The battle resumes at Eagles Canyon in just few weeks!


To read more, see the CMRA's press release on RRW.