Well, it is back to Oak Hill again today. We are all ready to go racing...aren't we? :D This off-season has been generous to my new company. No, I am not becoming a millionaire, not even a thousandaire, but because of the tremendous support from the racing community Racing Performance Services is growing. This next month should see the announcement of a full time engine builder. The person I am interviewing will be nothing short of the best. He has an excellent AMA resume and really he should help continue the short tradition of giving Racing Performance Services customers the absolutely best service possible.

I really want to thank each and every one that places their trust in my company. I more than anyone realizes that poor quality of work can really be a matter of life or death along with the given of fun or frustration.

This month will see the January Tech Article published on the Buell XB9 project that I am working with Mark Godfrey on. The article is late because we did not meet the performance desired and I will not put out information that is understood to be "How to do it right" unless it really is. That is my promise to each and every one of you when I announce a product or service.

We look forward to starting off the CMRA and WERA Mid-Central season this month and I am very excited about the prospect of being at Arroyo Seco for the ASMA events.

Again, thanks to each and everyone of you for the support of Racing Performance Services.


Marcus T. McBain