Racing Performance Services Starts the season off with success

RPS sponsored Shane Stoyko lead the list of RPS riders that took to the 1.1 mile Talladega Gran Prix track for the WERA Mid-Central season opener. Stoyko took wins in the solo 20 race and won the A Superstock race convincingly. Stoyko missed the trifecta when Suzuki GSXR-750 Cup Champion, Ben Attard put a lap rider in between himself and Stoyko with only a few laps remaining in the Formula One race.

Holding up the RPS banner with Stoyko was Tom Gathright. Tom made his expert debut in Senior superbike class and additionally ran sportsman sprints. In cold and trying conditions, Tom stayed upright and in control as others slipped around the racetrack.

Congratulations to both Shane Stoyko and Tom Gathright for showing the competition that RPS provides the competitive advantage racers need to run up front.