It is a fun job...if you are ready for it!!!

RPS wrapped up another track day Monday, March 1st at Texas World Speedway. This was the 2nd event in two weeks for RPS and indicative of the event was the commitment RPS has to its customers. RPS re-valved forks, did basic suspension setups, and helped racers and track day riders with services such as tightening steering head bearings and removing stiction via proper wheel installation. Many customers dropped off their motorcycles off the night before the event only to find their race bikes ready to go at 6:00am the next morning. Was it little elves doing this work? No. The RPS team worked until 4:00am to ensure the customer's bikes were ready to go and they could have FUN.

It is a different job (trackside support). We are here to make sure the customer can have a great time on their sport bike. Customers have seen this service repeatedly every event. RPS is committed to earning the customer's trust. This commitment has been rewarded with customer loyalty and a business growth that really motivates RPS owner Marcus McBain to stay focused on the company's business charter...Provide excellent work and service, stay committed to the customer, and provide affordable products and services. It works. This idea didn't come from a textbook, a magazine article, or even a school. This idea is what Marcus McBain wanted and needed as a racer for 16 years.

Thank you to the RPS customers. Your business support only perpetuates the ability to provide this service throughout the country.