Well, another WERA GNF is in the books. For me, this was my 4th consecutive GNF and 7th overall. As a business, Racing Performance Services had several riders that it had supported throughout the year at the GNF. Scott Beckley and Mark Delano were the main riders. Both had secured individual services outside RPS for this event, and this allowed me to ride. Throughout the weekend, I witnessed several things that just made me scratch my head…here are some thoughts:

 Many riders do not prepare for an event like the Grand National Finals (or Race of Champions – CCS) properly. BEFORE you go to the GNF, HAVE A FREAKIN’ RESUME put together. It is the biggest grass roots event of the year and SPONSORS go to this event!!!

 In case you crawled out from under a rock, the WERA GNF gets more exposure to high profile sponsors than any other event of its kind. I have witnessed many a rider come back from Daytona – ROC with multiple wins/podiums and never get more than a, “that’s nice” from potential sponsors. (NOTE: Daytona – ROC is nothing more than an expensive dyno-run). I find this Roadracing World press release indicative of what to expect from an exposure standpoint relative to the WERA GNF.