Another hell of a weekend for RPS sponsored riders and customers.

RPS kicked off the weekend by arriving to La Junta Friday Morning. Rider Dave Gossett approached RPS owner Marcus McBain with some questions concerning the "front end" of his motorcycle. After just a few minutes of discussion, RPS identified Dave's problems where primarily the damping of the Penske Double adjustable shock. Although a good product, No rider should expect their budget double adjustable shock to handle the demands of a 150bhp super sport motorcycle without a little "massaging".  RPS owner Marcus McBain put a custom valve stack in the Penske 8981 that would overcome the problems associated with no "high-speed" damping. Dave noticed immediate improvements, but there was still some "front end issues". Dave made a few changes and although he was going faster was not able to get the motorcycle to overcome the front end issues. RPS owner Marcus McBain put on his leathers and within 4 laps diagnosed that the rear shock needed more rebound damping and the front needed more low speed damping. McBain also communicated to Dave Gossett that the geometry was fine and that he should not make adjustments to ride height from there. To conclude this story, the bike rocked for Dave. Dave finished the weekend with season best 3rd in Open super sport despite professional privateer Robert Jensen being in the race. Great Job to Dave on a job well done this weekend. 

RPS Sponsored riders Ryan Burke, Dennie Burke, Alex Kuretz, Drew Brown, Greg Greenwood, Jake Latimer, and Mike Applehans continued to display their skills at the MRA/La Junta Round. Ryan, Dennie, and Rich showed why RPS chose them as riders to be sponsored this year by experiencing crashes and yet not even skipping a step en route to solidifying their season championship chases. Alex, Greg, and Mike continued to perform well and improve while Jake is steadily learning to road race while finishing on the podium.

This race weekend was an opportunity to really solidify the championship chases for these riders and here is how the season is looking for these riders.

Ryan Burke - Open Superbike 3rd Place, Race of the Rockies 7th Place

Dennie Burke - Open Super Sport 1st Place, Open Superbike 7th Place, Race of the Rockies 5th Place

Rich Deeming - Solo Endurance Open 1st Place, Open Super Sport 2nd Place, Open Superbike 5th Place, Race of the Rockies 4th Place

Greg Greenwood - Solo Endurance M/W 6th Place, Amateur GTU 8th Place, M/W Super Sport 6th Place, M/W Super Bike 8th Place, Amateur GTO 5th Place

Jake Latimer - Novice GTU 8th Place, Amateur GTU 13th Place

Mike Applehans - Solo Endurance M/W 4th Place, M/W Super Sport 10th Place, M/W Super Bike 11th Place, H/W Super Sport 9th Place, H/W Super Bike 17th Place

Alex Kuretz - Solo Endurance M/W 11th Place, M/W Super Sport 18th Place, M/W Super Bike 18th Place, H/W Super Sport 17th Place, Amateur GTU 5th Place.

Andrew Brown - Amateur GTU 11th Place, M/W Super Sport 11th Place, M/W Super Bike 19th Place, Amateur GTO 13th Place

Notable RPS customers include

Jon Glaefke - Solo Endurance L/W 1st Place,  Solo Endurance H/W 2nd Place, Supertwins GTO 1st Place, Race of the Rockies 13th Place, H/W Super Bike 10th Place, L/W Grand Prix 1st Place

Mike Applegate - Solo Endurance H/W 1st Place, H/W Super Sport 4th Place, Race of the Rockies 14th Place, H/W Super Bike 2nd Place, Open Super Sport 9th Place

Great Job to all the RPS customers and sponsored riders at the MRA/La Junta round.