Working with riders 101...

It is getting real apparent in the Colorado and Texas regions. If you have the desire and ability to go faster, see RPS. This weekend really illustrated what this means.

Riders are best at being riders. Quite honestly, when RPS owner Marcus McBain asks a rider a question, they rarely answer the f*&%^g question. Rather they give their interpretation of what they think they understand in some rhetorical universe. RPS encourages riders to simply worry about 6 aspects of the motorcycle and how the bike is reacting. They are as follows:

 Is the problem occurring when the rider:

Enters the turn?

Mid Corner?

As the rider exits the turn?

Does the problem occur when:

The rider goes off-throttle?

The rider applies the brakes?

The rider applies the throttle?

If a rider can simply communicate the six areas identified, any tuner worth their weight can solve the issues a rider is having. With that said, RPS has only worked with 3 riders (out of over 1000) that can intelligently communicate these points.

Think about these things next time you are on the track. This is what you tuner needs to know.

Best of luck to all of the riders in their competitive endeavors.