WOW, What a trip!!!

RPS owner Marcus McBain hit the road for over a week and the results were not only impressive, but well earned by RPS customers and sponsored riders.. The success at the Hallet, Oklahoma (CMRA) round is already documented. What hasn't been written is the outrageously awesome performances put in by RPS sponsored riders and customers at the MRA/Second Creek round of races!!!

One of the gratifying things that RPS owner Marcus McBain is to not only help riders, but working with riders that really are on top of their game. In Texas, working with Ty Howard is really fun. In Colorado, working with Dennie Burke and his nephew Ryan has been great. The real emerging rider seems to be Rich Deeming. Rich came to RPS as a customer last year and since then he has very intelligently used RPS owner Marcus McBain as a sounding board since becoming a sponsored rider. Some riders are capable of working on this level VERY effectively. What is tough is that both Dennie Burke and Rich are very similar in this aspect and both are at the top of the points battle for the Open Supersport crown in the MRA championship fight. Good job to Rich.

Also noteworthy from the MRA weekend was another strong showing by RPS customer Mike Applegate. Mike is a rider that faces many of the common challenges that all riders face. The main question Mike has is, "Is my setup good?" This is a question that plaugues almost every rider. How does a rider know when they have a good setup? How can a rider know what a good setup is if they are new to the sport and really don't know what to look for. This goes for many riders that have raced for even four or five years. RPS owner Marcus McBain rode Mike Applegate's GSXR-750 out for a spin at the Second Creek track and diagnosed Mike's setup. Mike suffers from the same problem that 90% of all riders suffer from. For lack of better terms, the fucking bike was uncomfortable. The rear sets were way too high and the clip-on(s) were way to low. This left Mike in the same position that the other 90% of the riders are faced with. There is no comfort area available to the rider to recover from any adverse reaction the motorcycle has to setup or track conditions. After Mike made the changes to his rear sets and put some "comfort" back in the race bike, Mike went out and continued to win on his RPS built suspension. Good job to Mike on his riding.

RPS owner Marcus McBain took some time to race at Hallet and Second Creek. In both instances, Marcus received only enough time to get a handful of laps in for practice. At Hallet, Marcus finished 10th in the 600 superstock class while at Second Creek he finished 5th in the Open Endurance Solo class despite the fact he had never ridden the track before and took less than 17 laps of total practice the entire week due to a heavy workload.

Again at the MRA round, there were over 25 wins and podium positions taken  by RPS riders and customers. Thank you to all that put their trust and faith in RPS for their racing and riding needs.