Well, you knew it was coming. RPS owner Marcus McBain couldn't take not racing and got a hard to get 2004 GSXR-600. K's Yamaha/Suzuki was nice enough to provide FANTASTIC assistance in obtaining one of the first GSXR-600's in Houston.

RPS will be turning the NEW GSXR-600 in an on-line "build project". This will include cost, function, and features that the typical racer will see and experience. We will be doing three phases.

Phase 1 - Basic track preparation. What it takes to make the bike track ready for less than $9,000.00 total investment.

Phase 2 - Supersport upgrade. What you can do for under $10,000.00 total investment.

Phase 3 - Top-Expert upgrade. This will explore what can be done on the GSXR-600 for under $13,500.00 total investment. This will include headwork, full pipe system, and some other performance items that RPS provides and features.

Marcus is looking forward to riding and racing Suzuki's all new 600cc weapon.