RPS at MRA/Pueblo

Racing Performance Services customers and sponsored riders distinguished themselves at the MRA season opener. Leading the incredible list of winners were both the of the Burke family riders (Ryan and Dennie), first time winner Gene Bazyl, Multi race winner Justin Myer, and over 25 other top-5 finishing positions by riders utilizing RPS products and services. The RPS winner's list was impressive!!!

Open Supersport - Dennie Burke

Solo Endurance Open - Ryan Burke

Novice GTU - Eugene Bazyl

Novice GTO - Eugene Bazyl

Amateur GTU - Justin Meyer

Middleweight Supersport - Justin Meyer

In addition to the winners, riders such as Mike Applehans, Rich Deeming, Greg Greenwood, Andrew Brown,  Jason Trabert, and Jake Latimer (who won the Novice GTU heat race) did outstanding with multiple top finishes for each respective rider.

Weekend Highlights

1) Open Supersport - Dennie Burke knew he had tough competition with riders such as Ricky Orlando in the field. On Sunday morning, Dennie mentioned that he was not happy with the performance of his Ohlins Shock. Within 30 minutes, Marcus McBain had the shock off, revalved, and reinstalled. Dennie did not even miss a practice session. INCREDIBLE. The improvement allowed Dennie to hold off AMA veteran Orlando for an impressive win and top Suzuki $$$'s.

2) Ryan Burke - Ryan and Marcus have been working extensively to make the insanely fast Keith Perry built GSXR-1000 hook up better. With many different combinations attempted, Ryan left the weekend with a win over Dan Turner in Open Supersport and a lot of test data.

3) Eugene Bazyl and Justin Meyer - These two guys pit together in the Comcables.com pit and it seems success is contagious. Eugene who is a RPS customer earned a sponsored position for the year by putting in impressive rides on his RPS built Traxxion Dynamics forks and Penske shock. Justin Meyer's name was heard non-stop as the announcer was just nothing less than impressed with the results that he posted!!! WOW!!!

4) Dave VanDeWeert - Dave posted two top 3 finishes in the Novice GTO and GTU classes. What is amazing is that he accomplished this on a 7 year old Honda F3 that was in races with the newest and fastest 600cc, 750cc, and 1 liter motorcycles!!! RPS revalved his forks Friday evening. WOW!!! Great job to Dave for showing that RPS can make old equipment run with the best!!!