MAY 3, 2011 - 3 WINS FOR KELSEY!!!



Danny Kelsey took home three wins while continuing to develop the CBR-1000(s). To say it was a nice way to develop is an understatement, but all the credit needs to go to Danny Kelsey who is an experienced rain rider and the weather was the determining factor for the race more than anything else.



Kelsey (and many of the other competitors) found the ECR surface slick and many riders simply made a few laps to collect points. Other riders attempted to "ride hard" and the crashes for those riders were numerous and costly, but not Kelsey. Danny kept a cool hand and simply rode hard enough to win while keeping the M&M Racing CBR-1000(s) clean and upright. The result, 3 BIG WINS!!! 



To read more, see the CMRA's press release on RRW.