Danny Kelsey suffered a compound fracture of his femur while competing in the "Gold Rush" held at Hallet, Oklahoma. A former professional Clear Channel Arenacross rider, Kelsey is at home on the dirt as he is on roadracing asphalt. The Georgetown, Texas rider experienced a bit of bad luck though as a simple "5 mph tip over" pinned his leg between a rock and the frame on his CRF-450. The result was a compound fracture.


The injury forced quick surgery to stabilize the leg of the 2011 CMRA Overall Champion. After successful surgery in the local Oklahoma hospital, Kelsey visited with his orthopedic specialist who was satisfied that the procedure to stabilize and repair the broken leg was done to his satisfaction. Kelsey is healing quickly with an expected 3-4 month recovery and rehabilitation.


Denis Jonon was filming the event on board his bike and caught #34 Danny Kelsey at the beginning of the race and at the 4:53 mark of the video you will see Kelsey down in what is one of the slowest sections of the circuit. CLICK HERE FOR THE VIDEO


Kelsey is expected to make a full recovery and be ready for the CMRA season opener in February to defend his #1 plate.