RPS sponsored riders and customers survived an array non-suspension related problems at Pueblo en route to posting wins and top finishes. More importantly, RPS riders continued on their impressive championship pursuits. As usual, new high profile customers have come to RPS for answers and solutions to their suspension challenges.

This race weekend saw Ricky Orlando utilizing RPS suspension technologies to tame his ZX-10r that has been plagued with several handling issues all season long. In the end, RPS owner Marcus McBain swapped out some springs for the 2004 Daytona 200 6th place finisher that improved rear end traction. RPS will continue to directly advise Orlando the rest of the season to help the #1 plate holder attain a win before the end of the season.

RPS sponsored Dennie Burke looked to sew up his Open Supersport championship and succeeded in doing so despite the bike suffering an almost terminal problem with his battery cable coming loose. Burke survived en route to a 5th place finsish. Dennie will wrap up the championship at SCR when he completes one lap.

Mike Applegate was definitely hampered severely by wheel issues. Mike will still take championship honors at the end of the season, but Mike was all but eliminated from 2 opportunities for class championships with the wheel fiasco.

Jake Latimer busted out with another big win in the Novice GTU race and looks ready to stay at the front. Crash Lowe, Mike Applehans, Andrew Brown, Jason Trabert, Dave Gossett, Alex Kuretz, and many others continued to drop their lap times, improve their finishing positions, and enjoy racing with their RPS derived solutions.

Congratulations to them all!!!