RPS Owner Marcus McBain is back on track...

April and May were nothing short of freaking exhausting. As some may have noticed, this website hasn't been updated for awhile. The schedule and travel was too much. In April and May, RPS traveled over 25,000 miles and participated at the following events:

LSTD April 4 Motorsport Ranch
LSTD April 22 Texas World Speedway
CMRA April 23-24 Texas World Speedway
MRA April 30-May 1 Pueblo
LSTD May 2 Motorsport Ranch
CMRA May 13-15 Hallet Motor Racing Circuit
AMA May 21-22 Pikes Peak International Raceway
LSTD May 23 Texas World Speedway

As a consequence, you may have noticed that we have cancelled several events. The main change has been that the MRA Colorado market has nearly been completely cancelled. RPS cannot afford the fuel costs to travel the average 2400 miles round trip to Colorado any longer. We greatly appreciate the effort and support of the Colorado and want everyone to know, we can still support the market via UPS and phone support.