Daytona 2005 

The 2005 Daytona 200 really looked like a great opportunity for RPS to have two sponsored riders finish in the top 10 and maybe even on the podium. It damn near happened. If the weather would not have been so crappy and cancelled some of the much needed practice and setup by both Ricky Orlando and Ty Howard, there is no telling how things may have turned out. 

The ZX-6r is undoubtedly one of the most unusual bikes on the grid this year. Stock they come with 116mm of trail. To put that into perspective, the R-6 in race trim with quality race suspension will have about 96mm of trail. OK, now with all of that said, the race setup seems to put about 120mm of trail. THIS IS JUST FREAKIN' off the charts!!! CLOSE TO A MOTOCROSS BIKE, but that is what works. Long story short, I started in the right direction and had we not had some bad luck, Ricky would have qualified pretty F-ing good, but that is why we race rather than draw the crap out on paper. Just another week of racing as they say.

I was real happy with the week overall. Ty finished 8th and I am more than sure there are 1000's of racer's that would trade places with him in this country. We will pick our AMA support program back up at Pikes Peak.


Link to the official RPS press release...