Racing Performance Services is pleased to announce the Repsol Contingency Program for the Central Motorcycle Roadracing Association (CMRA). Over $25,000.00 is available to CMRA racers participating in big bike & sprint and endurance races. Participants in this program are eligible for certificates applicable towards Respol Products provided by Racing Performance Services.  



Contingency certificate/vouchers are for lubricants purchased trackside only with Racing Performance Services. Participants must register with Racing Performance Services and purchase one gallon of Repsol Moto Racing 4T (gallon) or 4T Sintetico (gallon) to become eligible for the program. Racers of 2-Strokes may choose either the Competition 2T 100 % Synthetic (1 liter) or Competition 2T (1 liter) Participants will receive a Repsol Hat, T-Shirt, and Patch upon completion of registration.  Participants MUST fill out an initial registration form to be eligible. Racer’s that are registered with the program and have completed one weekend of verified competition and met requirements of the program may pick up their contingency certificates/product on the THE SAME RACE WEEKEND!




Registration Form


Weekend Claim Form


Payout (Highest Finish Only) - 10 riders per class or 50% of the field paid-Highest finish only. 

4T Customers (4-Strokes)

1st - $50

2nd - $40

3rd - $30

4th - $20

5th - $10


2T Customers (2-Strokes)

1st - $20

2nd - $15

3rd - $10

4th - $5

5th - $5 


The above payout applies to purchases of  

- 4T Racing (Synthetic) 4 liter

- 4T Sintetico (Blend) 4 liter

- 2T Racing (Synthetic) 1 liter

- 2T Synthetic (Synthetic) 1 liter  


1) On each side of race bike, placement of a 4” x 6” Repsol decal above bottom
curve of bodywork.
2) On race leathers, apply two 3”x 1,5” Repsol patches.
3) Rider paid for highest finish. Riders using 2 stroke and 4 stroke machines qualify for both payouts.

4) Obtain proof ofpurchase (REQUIRED) from Racing Performance Services.
5) No competing lubricate decals allowed.

6) Racing Performance Services will issue contingency certificates for product redeemable trackside during CMRA and LSTD events.

7) Partipants must list “Repsol” as a sponsor.