Another great weekend for RPS customers and sponsored riders. The September 27th & 28th weekend saw MRA races at Pueblo and CMRA races at Oak Hill. With Marcus McBain providing telephone support for his Colorado customers while setting up dozens of motorcycles in Texas as he also raced. Here are the stories:

Texas (CMRA) - Mark Delano and Jeremy Helms lead the list of riders using extensive motor services with Racing Performance Services. Jeremy Helms whom had been a front runner at the beginning of the year was growing tired of being "motored" down the straights while having to ride beyond his SV650's capabilites in the turns (which has also lead to multiple crashes). Jeremy employed RPS/Marcus McBain to build a cost effective fast motor and sort out the handling. The new and more powerful motor was immediately noted by Jeremy while the geometry and suspension change was also greatly noted. Jeremy took home 4 top 5 finishes for the weekend and got himself back on the fast track. Mark Delano used his RPS prepared GSXR 600 and 750 motors to capture several wins this weekend.

Jesse Seitz piloted the "sponsored for the weekend" program that RPS is using to assist promising riders in the Texas region. Jesse used the opportunity well and had multiple podium finishes to accompany the great job he did riding. Congrats to Jesse.

Along with Jesse, Jeremey, and Mark dozens of other racers ran well while several drop over 4 seconds a lap simply by utilizing the $20.00 suspension optimization. Most notable of these riders was Tom Gathright and Tom Thompson. Both riders drop their lap times into the 1:30 range. For Thompson this was an almost 4 second per lap difference!!!

Pueblo (MRA) - Dennie Burke, Ryan Burke and Glenn Conser anchored the list of top finishers that stormed finish line. Dennie significantly improved his lap times by utilizing RPS optimization processes on his Ohlins shock while Ryan discovered the significant quality of phone support RPS provides when his GSXR-1000 started spinning up a little. Glenn Conser rode through injuries suffered at Second Creek Raceway a few weeks ago to shore up his various championship runs. Congrats to all the Colorado riders that improved their performances utilizing RPS products and services.