Danny Kelsey positioned himself for top contention at the annual AMA Sports Horizon Award event at Mid-Ohio. Kelsey who debuted last year in the expert ranks during this event and finished 4th in the "600 Shootout" while finishing consistently in the top 5 of his other events, was "ready to compete" this year for the top National honors. 


RPS sponsored Sam's Cycle Salvage was helping the young Texan by loaning him a newly auctioned GSXR-750 so that Kelsey would have a little more "grunt" down the straights against 1000cc  machinery. In 36 hours, the 750 came off the auction block and was ready for the racetrack with a Penske shock and RPS/Ohlins front fork valving as well as optimization of an Exhaust and Power Commander. A factory team would have a tough time preparing a bike this quickly and Kelsey & McBain were pleased in getting the bike together so quickly. They also knew they wouldn't know how it ran until they put it on the track at the AMA Sports National (for the first time!). 


As Danny and Marcus worked to get the GSXR-600 and 750 Suzuki's setup, they were shocked to find the "junkyard 750" ran incredibly well! Within one session, they had the chassis in race winning form. The team was in for a shock through as Friday's Qualifying took place. KELSEY QUALIFIED ON THE FRONT ROW OF EVERY EVENT he entered. The team was extremely proud of the job they did getting the bike together and how they performed during qualifying. This performance obviously provided for anxious optimism as Kelsey and McBain looked at qualifying and realized Danny was "in the hunt to win" in every class. The only miscue was a small crash on the final lap of the final qualifying on the teams trusty Suzuki GSXR-600.


Obviously, the team is ready and excited to participate for the opportunity of the Horizon Award.


Qualifying Results:


1000cc Superbike EXPERT

600cc Superbike EXPERT

750cc Superbike EXPERT

Formula 1000 EXPERT

600cc Superstock EXPERT

1000cc Superstock EXPERT

750cc Superstock EXPERT