Houston, Texas - Marcus McBain is proud to begin publishing "Suspension Made Easy". The book is a complete guide to motorcycle sport bike suspension. It provides a clear description of design, operation, and theory of the forks and shocks for motorcycles as well as tuning theory and solutions. Based on several articles already published AND a significant amount of new material, this book will provide the novice rider a great insight into the operation of suspension. It will also provide seasoned suspension builders new strategies to build and tune suspension components. Material includes:

1. HOW A SHOCK WORKS - PUBLISHED AUGUST 2012 (Click here to view the article)


2. Fluid and damping dynamics - scheduled October 2012


3. How forks work - scheduled November 2012


4. Suspension and tuning strategy - scheduled December 2012


5. Building forks and shocks - scheduled January 2013


6. Complete book and video program - scheduled February 2013


Marcus McBain has built thousands of forks and shocks in his career as well as top 10 finishing AMA ProRacing suspension components. His customers and sponsored riders have won over 100 national and regional championships, and nearly 1000 race wins. "The reason for this book is that quite honestly, I am usually disappointed that suspension vendors are more concerned about keeping customers lined up for their products they sell rather than providing a transparent sales process where the customer truly understands what they are buying and what they need", noted author Marcus McBain.


If users want an "original high resolution" copy of any of the material, they simply need to donate $25.00 or more to the "Syndicate" and will email them the material for their personal use. 



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