Why I do what I do...

Many folks have asked me, "Why do you do this?" This questions usually stems from the amount of time I spend with each person and how much I try to help. Quite honestly, most of what I do (technically) is on par with AMA national team service(s). I do this for club racers because quite honestly, there are numerous "individuals" that are out there that take advantage of trust and not deliver on what they promise. I know...from 16 years of experience. I have in the past hired many "big names" to do work for me and in the end, the only thing I got was a big bill and sloppy work.

Racing Performance Services is not only here to meet your immediate speed needs, but also to be a company you can trust to give you sound advice on any number of items. I appreciate the trust customers place on me and my company and I take that trust very seriously. Because of this, the company success has been significant. So much so that I am forced to expand tremendously. I want to thank each and every one that has experienced the service RPS offers and hope that the company remains a vital ingredient to your long term racing career.

Marcus McBain