The AMA Grand National Championships will be held again at Mid-Ohio. RPS believes this is an excellent venue for amateurs to showcase their talents. RPS ENCOURAGES YOU HEAVILY TO PRE-ENTER AS SOON AS YOU CAN. To assist you with this, we provide the following:

Link to register on-line (NOTE: You must have your AMA membership # to access)

If you do not have your AMA membership # or you want access to the forms, complete the following in order:

1) Print out the appropriate forms you want to enter for:

- Sprint Championships

- Endurance Championships

- Monday Trackday (Held directly before the event)

2) If you do not have an AMA membership/member number, Call the registration office/AMA to find out the process or procedure to find out the quickest way to secure your AMA member number. Call (614) 856-1900 and ask for road racing dept.

3) To join the AMA, click here

NOTE: Racing Performance Services is not asked to promote this event. RPS believes in events of this caliber and is simply trying to streamline the process for the racer.

Best of Luck,

Marcus McBain

Owner-Racing Performance Services