Some thoughts about the holidays...

Every year each one of us takes some time to reflect on our year. Not just racing, but our personal lives too. I would like to encourage each and everyone to take some time out from their shopping and eating and really reflect. For many, the last few years may have been tough. I really think now is the time to take stock and really be grateful and thankful for WHAT YOU DO HAVE.

Each of us can get caught up in the, "Man, can nothing go right" syndrome. Think about what has gone well. For me, this year has had some bumps, but I am thankful for the breaks too. Take some time to thank about this, and when you are done taking stock, take some time to think about those that are less fortunate. I don't mean the guy that broke his arm/leg/wrist at the last race, etc. I mean, think about the kids that don't have decent shoes or clothes.

I am writing this to encourage you all to take some time to find out how to help less fortunate children in your area. Go to Pay-Less shoes or Marshalls, etc. and buy $20.00 worth of clothes to donate for kids. Regardless of your social-political beliefs, kids don't choose to be without at Christmas.

Happy Holidays to all,

Marcus McBain