No rest for the weary...                

RPS is at it again! Another 2 week, 4,000 mile journey!

 4,000 mile tour of the country as RPS visits Oak Hill Raceway (CMRA) for one-on-one instruction, LSTD (Texas World Speedway) for track day practice,, Second Creek Raceway (MRA) for weekday practice, and Pueblo Motorsports Park  (MRA) for sprint racing action.

RPS will be at Sunday August 8th for one-on-one training. On August 9th RPS will be at LSTD for one of two events this month with the Texas based track day promoter. RPS will be at SCR August 10th, 11th, and 12th to support MRA racers preparing for Pueblo. The MRA championship races will wrap up the final stop for RPS owner Marcus McBain.

Thank you all for your patronage and business support. Customers can call RPS/Marcus McBain at 713 304 5509 if anyone needs help or has questions.

Marcus McBain