Picture of the Month - The "picture of the month" is for fun and because I get asked a lot, "Did you race?". Its funny because I have never thought of myself anything short of being a racer, but I guess since after 17 years,  I don't get to race very much any longer and I figured, "What the heck."

Thanks for looking,

Marcus McBain

January 2005 Picture of the Month - I always liked this picture. I am leading one of the best natural riders in the country. Shannon Ball finished in the top 5 twice in the Suzuki 600 cup finals at Road Atlanta. He is fast as hell on stock equipment. If you look real close, you can see on the tires of the GSXR-1000 I was counter steering my ass off to try to get through the turn and stay ahead of Shannon. It is just a good pick I like. Click Here to view

December 2004 Picture of the month - This is a picture I am going to keep for awhile. I was fortunate enough to run up front a bit with 5 of the best privateers in the country. Larry Denning was leading the race (#360) with AMA top privateer Jeff May (#99) and Texas fast guy John Haner (#97) on his tail. If you look at the fourth place guy, he doesn't belong there, but that is me anyway (#95) with Fritz Kling (#421), Steve Smith (#35), and Doug Duane (#94) behind me. I don't think I finished that well in the race, but it was great to be up front for a few laps. Click Here to view