Team Repsol - Komodo's Danny Kelsey, Dustin Doucet, Billy Lee, and Todd Fleeman put on a Rock-n-Roll show during the CMRA inaugural 2007 race. With big wins posted by Dustin Doucet and Billy Lee, the duo lead the RPS party wagon towards the land of Electric Guitars and Babes! 

With the entire team just moving to Bridgestone BT002 tires, a lot of testing had to be accomplished in a short amount of time. The team pulled together and the chassis's were all modified to optimize the performance of the Bridgestone BT002's. The result? Races that reminded you of a Jimi Hendrix solo during Woodstock! HEY BROTHER,  IT DOESN'T GET ANY BETTER THAN THAT!!! 

Opening acts Dustin Doucet and Billy Lee put a "purple haze" all over the competition while showing the competitors that you need a Repsol, Komodo, Vortex, Lone Star Track Days, Bridgestone, South Central Race Center, Leo Vince, and RPS sponsored GSXR-600 if you want to take the magic bus to the winner's circle! Dustin and Billy WON EVERY PREMIERE NOVICE RACE. 7 Wins in all. Wins posted were in the following classes - Formula One, A Superstock, A Superbike, B Supertock, B Superbike, C Superstock, C Superbike. Wow, Buddy Holly would be proud to be part of the RPS JAM session that Doucet and Lee put on at Oak Hill Raceway. Way to go guys.

With the novices on the team already rocking the house...Danny Kelsey got on stage as the featured performer. With only one test session to gather enough information to race on the Bridgestones, Kelsey chose a different compound and tire size that what has been previously used. The result? The fastest race times posted by a Bridgestone rider during the weekend and a couple of top-5 finishes. Danny's performance was somewhat hampered by "The Man" when he ended up gridded in the back of his races. With over 40 entries in his races, this prevented the smash through performance he and the rest of the RPS roadies had anticipated. With the next round gridded based on points rather than post office speed, Kelsey may be able to turn NPR into the RPS Ozfest!

Todd Fleeman kept the show going when Doucet, Lee, and Kelsey were not banging out hit after hit. Fleeman who hadn't performed in a few months, knocked the rust off of his steel horse and turned in impressive finishes while getting back to premiere performance levels. Great Job Todd.

Special congratulations to all of the RPS customers that made the Oak Hill weekend a great start to the season. With the team and customer performance, Over 40 wins and podium finishes were accomplished! Great Job to all!

As with any rock and roll show, it is not possible without the "RPS Roadies". Special thanks to Komodo, Bridgestone, Lone Star Track Days, South Central Race Center, Repsol, Vortex, Leo Vince, and Vesrah.

More photos are available HERE Thanks to Melissa Fleeman for the Great Pics!