RPS News and Events - July 30th, 2004

Time flies when you are having fun and the season is now already two-thirds over this year. It is hard to believe that within one year, RPS would play such a major role in the success with riders in the CMRA and MRA organizations. It is also amazing that RPS developed technologies have provided products that riders are using to finish within the top 10 in AMA Professional roadracing. Enclosed are some highlights and thoughts this year.

#1 - Ty Howard finishing 6th and 7th at the AMA/Mid-Ohio National in Formula Extreme and Supersport. If it was anyone but Ty, this would probably be bigger news, but I am fairly sure most know what a hell of a talent he is. Still, we beat out some factory guys and I think it has to be the highlight of the year for me.

#2 - Philip Lawlis and Andy Galindo. These guys have had incredible years in regards to their achievements and lap times. Philip did well at the AMA Mid Ohio National Championships he basically achieved something, most riders just hope to do and that is to not crash, finish every race in the top 10 all the while racing in the toughest classes. Good job Philip. Andy has really improved a lot this year. The CMRA has always been a tough region in that we have always had top level AMA riders racing every weekend. What is impressive is that Andy (as well as Philip) may not beat the Ty Howard's and Michael Sanchez's, but Andy and Philip are not being left behind either.

#3 - MRA riders as a whole. I have really enjoyed the MRA as a region from several perspectives. The most important is that these riders have really let me come into their club and allowed me to be part of their family. That has been great. More importantly, I have been fortunate to work with the MRA's fastest riders including Ryan Burke, Dennie Burke, and Rich Deeming. These guys are great riders and really do a great job of being professionals on the racetrack. I am very happy to have a couple of new customers this year that I am really enjoying working with. Mike Applegate and David Gossett. It is satisfying to know that these racers are going very well and RPS has helped them. Their success is very a meaningful reward.

#4 - CMRA and MRA sponsored riders. Again, it is very satisfying working with riders on a level that helps them improve dramatically on the racetrack. I feel that I have been able to have a very positive influence on these riders and their finishes. As the year has evolved, I have basically not been able to race. I get a lot of the enjoyment I experienced as a racer helping others be successful. The list of sponsored riders I would like to thank are:

Miki Espiritu
Jesse Seitz
Mark Delano
Philip Lawlis
Shane Stoyko
Andy Galindo
Big Air Racing (CMRA Endurance Team)
Mike Applehans
Ryan Burke
Dennie Burke
Rich Deeming
Greg Greenwood
Tyler Jones
Shaun Hopkins
Jake Latimer
Lone Gunmen Racing (CMRA Endurance)
Team Penetration (CMRA Endurance)
Phillip Fisher
Noah Reese
Tom Gathright (Superbike Tom Gathright that is...)
Mark Godfrey (Go Buell, GO!!!)
Doug Lyle (LURCH!!!)
Andrew Brown
Jason Trabert
Troy Runck
Shana Hyer
Donna Bowden

#5 - MRA Rider Alex Kuretz and Mike Applehans. These are great guys to work with. There is nothing more enjoyable to be a part of that a rider that works hard to get better. These guys improve weekly and it is very rewarding to work with them.

#6 - The "Carnie Road show". Traveling to over 40 events a year leaves me dazed and confused at times, but I have to admit it is a lot of fun most of the time.

#7 - My wife Renate. Without my wife constantly taking care of me when I am in town, I couldn't do it.

#8 - Shaun Hopkins. Although I have only been to one ASMA event, Shaun keeps me up to date on his progress. Additionally, Shaun has done VERY well this year and I look forward to seeing him continue to do well.

#9 - Doug Lyle. Doug is the VP for the MRA and knows how to make the MRA more enjoyable to be around. Between the cookouts on Saturday night and the Disco music in the morning. Nothing says, "Time to race" like Boogie Wonderland at 8:00am in the morning!!!

#10 - Mark Godfrey. Mark has built an incredibly fast and fun XB9r. It has been fun for me to watch him get things on the bike like a chain drive, motor work, etc. It was a lot of fun to develop the geometry and suspension on that motorcycle. Absolutely a blast.

Thanks to everyone involved this year with the success of Racing Performance Services.

Marcus McBain