RPS shines at La Junta - Aug 23-24

Ryan Burke, Glenn Conser, Tyler Jones, Brad Hendry, Mike Applehans, and Rich Deeming lead a large list of riders that put in top performances at the fast and hot La Junta race track. With hot weather beating up on these riders, a race bike with great handling was the competitive edge these riders needed to overcome their competitors. Highlighting the effect RPS is having on racers with their suspension services are Ryan Burke and Glenn Conser.

Ryan Burke - After having problems the last few weekends, Ryan was in need of someone to get his Ex-Hypercyle Suzuki GSXR-1000 handling better. Although several competent riders tried to help, it was soon obvious that tuning a top running AMA Formula Extreme motorcycle with Ohlins superbike forks is not for the inexperienced. On Saturday, Marcus McBain began dialing in the Carry Andrew built Suzuki, and the results were immediate. Ryan used the Saturday Endurance race to verify his setup. Although he jumped into an immediate 15 second lead, Ryan came in as scheduled during that race to ensure his Pirelli Slicks were working correctly as well as his suspension. Everything was fine and Ryan verified that he would be a force to be dealt with on Sunday. Ryan came out strong on Sunday and won his first race. In the premier Race of the Rockies class, Ryan had an unusually bad start and was in the bottom half of the top 10 approximately 5 seconds back after the first lap. Utilizing his RPS Suspension tuned motorcycle, Ryan caught the lead pack. Although he rode well to make up the gap, Ryan had to settle for 4th place as time ran out for his opportunity to win after 14 laps.

Glenn Conser - Glenn utilized his RPS suspension tuned motorcycle at the previous MRA round for an impressive win, but Glenn and Marcus agreed there was more performance to be gained utilizing RPS services. After Marcus and Glenn discussed performance improvements, Marcus took Glenn's Penske shock into the RPS rolling shop to enhance his opportunity for performance. After re-valving the Penske rear shock, Glenn did what most good riders do, work the suspension as hard as possible. The result was a huge win in Saturday's endurance race. McBain and Conser were not finished though. On Saturday night, McBain again evaluated the shocks performance and rebuilt the compression stack. On Sunday, Conser again demonstrated what a great rider with a great handling motorcycle can do, AND won the Heavyweight Superbike race while lowering his personal best lap times by 1.5 seconds!!!

Congrats to Ryan, Glenn, and the rest of the RPS customer family.