Many knew that this day would come. The imminent start of construction of Liberty Motorsports Park (www.libertymotorsportspark.com) means that I am going to have to focus the majority of my time towards the construction of the Motorsports Park. 


RPS has achieved great results with the incredible customers that chose to join us in the desire to win. I can't say enough what great satisfaction the company has brought. I believe most will understand that the Motorsports Park will be a very important step for Motorsports in the region and that all will benefit.  The decision to make this step was difficult, but a necessary one.


Thank you to all of the customers that made RPS an outstanding company for the 4 years it was open to the public. It has been a great endeavor that all who were part of will remember.



Marcus McBain 


Personal Reference...


The suspension industry is a funny business. Not many of the top pro's in this industry will agree on much. Over the four years I was in business, I consistently found that there were several folks that I could have good technical discussions with and had respect for their experience. With that said, many of the visitors that come to this website did so looking for suspension upgrades and service. In lieu of the fact we can no longer meet the public demand, I would only recommend the following professionals:


Max McAlister/Traxxion Dynamics - 770-592-3823 www.traxxion.com


Jim Cambora/Raceworx - 817-512-4393 http://www.raceworxusa.com


Dave Hodges/GP Suspensions - 503-723-7793 http://www.gpsuspension.com


Dan Kyle/Kyle Racing Engines -  866-667-4925 http://www.kyleusa.com