Success Can Be Disappointing...

Well, everyone hopes for success when they start a business. Lately, it has been too much of a good thing. Nothing bad has happened nor has anyone's fork or motor work been neglected. Rather, I have been so busy the last few days, I had to stop answering my phone. The problem is that I have 10-20 people's bikes/suspension in my shop at any given time. With that said, I usually get at least one call a day from half of my customers and most calls last for about 10 minutes. I enjoy talking about racing and what I can do to make your motorcycles faster, BUT it is finally out of control. Monday, I received 47 phone calls. It is with great disappointment that I had to just not answer ANY calls today.

I hate to have to do this, but for the next few days I have to. There are about a dozen or so forks/shocks/motors that have to make it to their owners by this weekend and spending 5 hours on the phone is just not going to be possible for the next few day.

This is a good problem, but not one I like. One of the things I enjoy most is talking to you all and I hope you realize that if you didn't get an answer on your call, I have to buckle down and get this work out or some folks won't be racing this weekend.

Thanks for your understanding.