When RPS owner marked ASMA events down on the RPS calender. It was estimated that the Arroyo Seco Motor Sports Association would be a small club on the grow with probably a nice "small-club" feel. Well, it was that...AND MORE!!!

RPS Owner, Marcus McBain ventured 20 miles outside Las Cruces, New Mexico with trailer, tools, and parts in tow. Marcus arrived Friday morning and was greeted by the ASMA president (Roger) and about 10 riders that had already arrived for the Friday track day. With the new GSXR-600 still not broken in, Marcus figured he ride the track since track time had been scarce for him all year and the new GSXR-600 still only had 118 miles on it. After registering for the track day, business was busy. This was surprising as only about 10 riders where there, but as always there is plenty of work. After working all morning, McBain took to the track and found it to be an exceptionally tight (and fun) race track.

Friday ended with McBain putting in about 12 laps on the new RPS GSXR-600, but the front end was not right. With a new spring to test in the front end, the performance was not bad, but it could be better. As an R&D experiment, McBain installed a 1.0kg set of fork springs and tested some different sag #'s. Overall, there were some improvements in some areas, but it was very unstable in the slow areas.

In between all of this work, THERE WAS SOME GOOD RACING GOING ON!!! On Saturday, ASMA features 30 minute "Endurance" races as well as some sprint races. McBain had planned to enter some of these, but got to registration late after working all morning. No Problem, RPS sponsored rider Shaun Hopkins got full trackside support because of this and did well not only Saturday, but Sunday too.

Overall, RPS was able to assist riders with wins, podiums, and top finishes all weekend long while getting some track time for the RPS GSXR-600. To see official results, go to: www.ASMARACING.com

As an added bonus, RPS brought back about 50 pounds of dirt and sand from atrocious wind and dust storms. This was free and part of the hospitality!!!