Products and Services

Racing Performance Services provides a unique mix of products. With over 16 years of exemplary on-track racing experience, I strive for RPS to provide the highest quality services possible at the most affordable prices. Weather it be a mechanical, handling, or riding skill based issue, RPS is committed to providing solutions to your needs.

Marcus McBain          

Suspension services - RPS brings a rolling service depot to the racetrack. We do this to ensure you have the level of performance out of suspension that you as a rider commit to. Just as we do within our engine building services, NPS pays close attention to the details that transform the mid-pack rider to the leader of the pack. Click Here to find out more about our products.

Engine building and maintenance services - What is the "Black Magic" to horsepower? In short it is simply hard work and attention to detail. Many would lead racers to believe that horsepower only comes from high-dollar work that is never explained. At RPS, we will tell you that reliability and horsepower is achieved through the discipline that comes from engine building experience. We undergo the most painstaking steps to ensure that your bike is properly inspected, serviced, and assembled in the most precise process possible. We emphasize HP gains are best gained through a proper valve-job, attention to detail while lapping valves in, and precise engine reassembly. It is not Black Magic, it is hard work. We do it to make sure you have a motorcycle that provides the performance you deserve as an RPS customer. 

Riding Services - We provide a number of services to improve rider performance.