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Suspension Made Easy - Published August 2012/schedules pending

Marcus McBain is publishing "Suspenion Made Easy" - The publication is a 150+ page book filled with loads of illustrations and video. This book will be published and available to the public February 2013. In the meantime, Marcus McBain and RPSRaceTeam.com is providing drafts of the book FREE for your personal use. If you like the material, PLEASE help us race and donate to THE SYNDICATE. Those that donate $25.00 or more will receive original drafts of the book in high resolution PDF files. 

Fluid and Damping Dynamics - RE-SCHEDULED JUNE 2013
How forks work - RE-SCHEDULED JULY 2013
Suspension and Tuning Strategy - RE-SCHEDULED AUGUST 2013
Building forks and shocks  - RE-SCHEDULED SEPTEMBER 2013
Complete Book and Video program - RE-SCHEDULED OCTOBER 2013





Track Day/Racing Worksheet - Published May 2003/Updated February 2012

This is provided for track day riders and racers to "keep track" of all the changes and setup on their motorcycle. IT IS A PDF FORM, so you can type in most of the "static" information and THEN print out. This is based off of experience from various AMA ProRacing teams Marcus McBain has worked for with a little information "stripped off" to keep the rider/racer focused on "riding on the racetrack" AND NOT "writing in the paddock". 

RPSRaceTeam.com Team Worksheet




Gearing 101 - Published March 2004/Updated February 2012

A key to drastically improving your "lap times" on the racetrack, is to properly "gear your motorcycle" to optimize the ability to use all the power of your sportbike engine makes. Optimally a properly geared motorcycle will enter a turn without "bouncing off the rev-limiter" AND have the rider shift to the next gear just as they are coming "upright" exiting the turn. For more information, the following is provided:

Gearing 101
Gearing Chart/Worksheet




General Suspension Publications

Suspension 101 - This article was originally written by Marcus McBain in 2003. It was for the benefit of the CMRA/Newsletter. This series of articles along with RPS starting intensive "trackside suspension service" helped all riders in the CMRA understand the vital importance of trackside retail suspension service. PUBLISHED FEBRUARY 2003

Setting Sag - Great article on how to measure various sag on your motorcycle.  PUBLISHED MARCH 2004
Anatomy of a Cartridge Fork - Wonder what all the parts are in a fork? Here is a cross section view/explanation of a conventional fork so that you can better understand what a fork does. This was additonally produced in 2003 for the CMRA/Newsletter. PUBLISHED DECEMBER 2003
Fork Spring Application Chart - This provides a solid reference when choosing your fork springs for your motorcycle. PUBLISHED MAY 2004

SUSPENSION SOLUTION GUIDE This worksheet was created after RPSRaceTeam.com Manager Marcus Mcbain spent numerous years tuning thousands of bikes and having multiple riders win AMA National Championships as well as finish in the top-10 of AMA ProRacing. Enjoy! PUBLISHED FEBRUARY 2002/UPDATED JANUARY 2012




General Publications

GSXR Power Commander Bracket - This demonstrates an easy to build bracket for your Power Commander so that it stays in a secure mounting position even in the most "difficult of circumstances" (meaning a crash!) 





Track Maps - Published 2002, 2003, and 2004

Texas World Speedway

MSR Cresson - Clockwise
MSR Cresson - Counter-Clockwise