"Join the family", and GET MADE so you can help RPSRaceTeam.com and rider Danny Kelsey. That's right for $1.00 - $25.00 monthly donation, you can become part of the RPSRaceTeam and support Danny Kelsey in his CMRA, WERA, and AMA racing endeavors.

To support Danny Kelsey and RPSRaceTeam.com in its racing efforts, it is a simple 3 step process that securely is done through paypal. Just follow the steps and become part of the team and help Danny Kelsey! 

STEP 1. Go to Paypal and choose "send money" Click here for direct link

STEP 2. Send money to syndicate@RPSRaceTeam.com (copy and paste for convenience)

STEP 3. Smile, because "you are now in the family"


FOR MORE information on the program please download the *.pdf here