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The Beginning - The idea for a "team"

As Marcus McBain opened RPS in 2003, the main focus was the pursuit of excellence in any facet that it pursued. Initially RPS was focused on suspension development, but many times issues that seem to be suspension related are actual mechanical issues. A really great suspension tuner needs to be knowledgeable in all disciplines of motorcycle mechanics and riding. RPS customers won over 400 races in the first two full years of its operation (2004-2005) in CMRA and MRA sprint action as well as retail customers in other clubs. 

The amount of "proof of theory" experience was immense as well as the gained knowledge. McBain's success in building and tuning components in several AMA races at tracks that were "hard to get the right setup", it was apparent that anything was possible. By 2005, McBain started the Pro-Rider Development program which took advantage of his knowledge and AMA experience in working with riders and teams. The goal of the team/program was to "take a rider from scratch" and within a year they would be able to compete in the AMA. With McBain's relationships and knowledge of how AMA teams worked, it would be very feasible. When Shea Fouchek graduated from the program and he went to the AMA (straight from Novice to AMA Pro after 3 races in 2005), the program and team concept proved its ability immediately.

The only setback that McBain has experienced with the team is that in 2006 Marcus took on the entire responsibility of developing Liberty Motorsports Park when a potential partnership never materialized. This action caused RPS to be closed to the public in 2007 so that McBain could develop the public financing structures for the project. Despite this long term commitment, Marcus has kept the RPS racing team(s) operating as they have proven to be a solid platform for riders to develop and the results in 2006 and 2007 proved that belief to be correct.

Recent History of

Since 2009, Danny Kelsey and Marcus McBain have run the team jointly, while working around funding and cash flow challenges. This has greatly reduced cost and ensured the stability of the team. In 2009 & 2010, the team ran under the RPS/Liberty Motorsports Park name with partial sponsorship provided by the developing motorsports park through its Coca-Cola partnership. Kelsey was able to capture the 600 Superstock and 600 Superbike CMRA Expert Championships. 2010 was a particularly difficult year for the team as Marcus McBain was forced to miss 3 rounds to negotiate contracts for the Liberty Motorsports Park project that unfortunately did not complete. Billy Wiese of WRW Racing however was able to assist as well as Danny’s father Ken Kelsey during 2010.

McBain and Kelsey decided for Danny to accept an outside sponsorship offer (M&M Road Racing) in light of the challenges of 2010. Danny had received previous inquiries about riding for other teams, but both generally felt that it was best to keep working closely while Danny continued to develop his skill(s). 2011 showed that Kelsey had probably learned all he needed as he was able to master the CBR-1000’s of the M&M Road Racing Team with phone setup help from McBain. As the 2011 Season developed, it was clear that Kelsey was a favorite for the #1 plate in the CMRA, but Danny was going to have to battle “head to head” with his main rivals to secure the opportunity. RPS and M&M competed as a “joint effort” for the remainder of the season. This helped greatly as McBain and Kelsey could really focus on bike setup in a manner they had not been able to before. Kelsey won 19 races in 2011 as a result. The team had pulled the GSXR-750 that he campaigned in 2010 after the 4th round and Kelsey won on his Suzuki nearly every weekend he raced it. Danny secured the CMRA overall sprint championship on October 23rd, 2011. Kelsey and McBain decided to split with M&M after the season and continue to work together to help Danny continue to master some of his skills.


2002: RPS manager Marcus McBain works with Dave Wonders of Ride Smart to "turn around the organization" after a disasterous track day at Texas World Speedway that McBain attended as a customer. 

  • McBain & Wonders  agree to work together in the order to bring safety to the level it needed to be and McBain begins directing safety, operational procedures, and provides safety briefings for the customers. 

  • Within 3 events, Ride Smart events becomes the safest & most organized track day operator in Texas. 

  • Marcus additionally operated his racing school (Marcus McBain's Advanced Racing School)  which sold out every event. 

  • 2003: Company opens for business. RPS makes immediate impact in CMRA and MRA markets. RPS manager Marcus McBain completes intensive training with Max McAlister of Traxxion Dynamics. 

  • Marcus McBain ends relationship with Ride Smart and closes "Marcus McBain's Advanced Racing School" to focus on opening RPS. 

  • In its first track day of suspension support, RPS owner Marcus McBain sets up 64 bikes in one day at Lone Star Track Days/TWS track day.

  • RPS turns around the Traxxion Dynamics name in the Texas region after a bad split between Traxxion Dynamics and SCRC/Pete Martins (which RPS/McBain bought out Martins from the suspension business). 

  • Within a year, RPS would not only be the #1 Traxxion Dynamics dealer in Texas, but in the country. 

  • 2004 - 2005 RPS is open to the public and begins working with Ty Howard and over the next two years, the pairing (along with engine builder Steve Upchurch and Geoff Maloney of GP Tech LLC) allows Howard to be a top runner at Nationals with a "pickup truck and trailer" operation. RPS becomes the #1 suspension company in the MRA and CMRA.

  • RPS Customers SWEEP MRA championships in 2004

  • Howard impresses at Mid-Ohio with 7th place and 6th place finishes in his first AMA outing at Mid-Ohio in 2004

  • Howard wins over 125 contingency races using RPS suspension technologies on a half dozen motorcycles and sets over a dozen track records. 

  • RPS begins working with an "up and comer" customer named Dane Westby. Dane would run RPS Suspension until 2007 and was one the company's last "non-team" customers. Westby would win 2 SV650 Suzuki cup races and numerous CMRA races on RPS Suspension. 

  • In 2005, Ty Howard is a regular AMA top runner with impressive race and qualifying results at Daytona, Pikes Peak, and Mid-Ohio 

  • RPS launches the Pro-Rider Development Program in 2005 with Shea Fouchek achieving AMAZING RESULTS

  • In 2005, Marcus McBain launches the Pro-Rider Development program with Shea Fouchek as the first student. By three novice races into the season, Fouchek would be an AMA Pro and finishing in the top-15 at the highest level of racing in the United States. 

  • RPS ends business relationship with Traxxion Dynamics in 2005 as it develops its own products and technologies.

  • RPS begins strategic relationship with Komodo Gear that still continues today.

  • RPS DOMINATES MRA & CMRA road racing!

  • RPS sponsored Cory Burleson wins 125 races and the AMA Sports "Top Novice" National Award.

  • RPS sponsored Ty Howard wins CMRA #1 plate.

  • RPS sponsored Cory Burleson sets a WERA GNF record with 10 wins.

  • RPS sponsored Ty Howard finishes 2nd and 3rd in the Suzuki GSXR 600 and 750 cup races respectively.

  • Marcus McBain/RPS become a Roadracing World Action Fund "Most Valuable Contributor"

  • RPS launches the "Supersport Valve Kit v2.0". The technology is an overlay for stock or after market fork pistons. In September 2005, Ty Howard smashes the Oak Hill Raceway track record with a 1:21.824 using stock pistons with Supersport v2.0 technology installed. The record would stand for three years!

  • Shea Fouchek becomes the 1st "Pro-Rider Development Program" participant. Within three races, he is signed by Safety First Suzuki and finishes 12th in his first AMA ProRacing finish. 

  • 2006 - RPS focuses on the "RPS Race Team effort" with Danny Kelsey, Bill Drake, Todd Fleeman, and Tony Moore and rides under the "RPS/Komodo" banner

  • Marcus McBain/RPS and Ty Howard end the successful 2-year relationship that saw Howard acheive incredible success and McBain prove the caliber of his work regionally and nationally.

  • Danny Kelsey becomes the teams 2nd "Pro-Rider Development Program" participant. He wins 45 races out of 52 races entered for the year. 

  • Bill Drake wins the AMA Sports 1000cc Superbike Expert National Championship at Mid-Ohio.

  • RPS Sponsored Cory Burleson wins the 2006 AMA Horizon Award as well as the 750 Superbike & 750 Superstock National Championships. 

  • The RPS Race Team (Kelsey, Drake, Fleeman, and Moore) wins a combined 46 races and scores an additional 57 podiums in 175 races in CMRA sprint action!

  • RPS customer Dane Westby wins the 2006 Suzuki SV650 Cup on RPS "in-house" built cartridge forks and shock.

  • RPS begins winding down "public and new business" for McBain to continue to address the needs of Liberty Motorsports Park

  • Danny Kesley debuts as an "expert" at the AMA Sports Grand National Championships to make a run for the Horizon Award.

  • RPS Signs Danny Kelsey to contract and RPS/McBain/Kesley will be associated for the next several years.

  • 2007 - RPS "re-loads" the RPS Race Team effort with new riders Dustin Doucet and Billy Lee and rides under the "RPS/Repsol" banner

  • Dustin Doucet becomes the teams 3rd "Pro-Rider Development Program" participant

  • RPS OFFICIALLY closes to the public for suspension and other labor services for  Marcus McBain to focus on development of Liberty Motorsports Park

  • RPS becomes the Repsol trackside vendor for CMRA events and implements a contingency program for Repsol within the region 

  • The RPS/Repsol Team (Kelsey, Doucet, and Lee) wins a combined 47 races and scores an additional 67 podiums in 152 races in CMRA sprint action!

  • Dustin Doucet wins the AMA Sports "Top Novice" national award at Mid-Ohio!

  • RPS Sponsored Chris Romeo wins the CMRA #1 plate!

  • Danny Kelsey wins the CMRA "Rookie Expert" award!

  • Danny Kelsey looked poised to win the Horizon Award, but unfortunately lady luck did not endorse the effort!

  • Danny Kelsey competes in the WERA GNF/Suzuki Cup Finals and distinguishes himself!

  • RPS Customer Dane Westby competes in his final races as an RPS customer and wins the Suzuki SV650 Cup!

  • 2008 - 2011

  • RPS scales down and solely supports Danny Kelsey

  • RPS owner Marcus McBain produces and hosts the "Liberty Motorsports Hour" on ESPN 97.5 "the ticket' which marks the first road course motorsports broadcast show in Houston.

  • Danny Kelsey debuts in AMA ProRacing action in 2008.

  • Kelsey finishes the 2008 Season with 30 top-5, podium, and wins in 35 starts in CMRA sprint championship racing.

  • In 2009, Kelsey takes 27 wins and podiums in 40 starts to win the CMRA 600 Superbike and Superstock championships

  • In 2010, Kelsey takes 30 top-5 and podium finishes in 38 starts in CMRA sprint championship racing.

  • In 2011, Kelsey debuts in the AMA National Guard Superbike series.

  • In 2011, Kelsey takes the CMRA overall #1 plate as well as the A Superbike, A Superstock, and Formula 1 championships

  • To find out more about the team, the riders, Danny Kelsey, and the strategies the team employs please click on any of the references at the top of this page.