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Quick History of RPS and RPSRaceTeam.com   
RPS was formed in 2003 and has provided leading edge suspension solutions for its customers and sponsored riders as well as an array of training, mechanical, and professional services. Customers and sponsored riders with RPS have nearly 1000 races since 2003 as well as over 100 national and regional championships.
Many riders got their start or have worked closely "on their way up" over the years RPS has been open. This includes M4 Suzuki rider Dane Westby, Ty Howard, Horizon Award winner Cory Burleson, Former M4 & Erion rider Shea Fouchek, and many others.
Since 2006, RPS owner Marcus McBain and 2011 CMRA Overall Champion Danny S. Kelsey have worked together to achieve great results.
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