"In 1998, Ty Howard was rolling with John Haner consistently fast...again these were the fast guys to beat, but Josh Hayes was really becoming a great bounty hunter and consistently came down to Texas and won races. Chris "Opie" Caylor came down and raced without limited success, but as always if you wanted to be considered a "great racer", you had to come to Texas and win (at Oak Hill!!!)."


"Eric Falt, Rob Bradlaw, and a few others were moving to Big Twins  (vs. the clubman/LW bikes).

"Both Pete Martins and Greg Abbott were fast, but Pete was just finally taming the new generation fuel injected GSXR-750, while Greg's F3 was long in the tooth for the classes he was racing in. Chris Rankin would stop in when not racing AMA and put in some fast rides. Rodney Smith, Paul Borderlon, and Sam Hopkins would turn in spirited sprint riding on a consistent basis." 


"Cass Cooper was emerging as a VERY FAST first year expert, while Rick Kirk and a few other longtime CMRA racers continued to show you why they were GREAT in the first place."



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