"1992 was absolutely a very banner year for the new "CMRA". With names like Britt Turkington, Colin Edwards, Michael Martin, Rick Kirk, Ottis Lance, Bryan Hanson, Michael Myers,and many others making National Impact on the U.S. racing scene and new up and comers like Greg Abbott, Chris Rankin, Joe Prussiano, Mark Black, Jeb Bridgeman, Jim Sabin, Doug Carmichael and many others, the CMRA continued to be the "hot club" in the U.S. despite the lack of tracks (or may it was because of the one track in particular?)."


"If any year typified the CMRA, it was 1992. We constantly went to nationals effectively as a club and cleaned house. I have included an old RRW article on how the CMRA riders went to Memphis and claimed 3 of the top 10 overall spots at the WERA National Endurance."


"Actor Woody Harrelson's brother raced the opening race that season (he could ride!), but a few months later his name was implicated in a stolen bike ring and wasn't seen or heard from much after that."


"Ronnie Lunsford debuted the ALL NEW CBR-900 (arguably the first bike that truly inspired today's "Liter Class Superbikes"). Larry Locklear would also ride the 900rr with a top-5 finish at the end of the year "Honda Challenge" at Daytona!"  


"Moto-Liberty was constantly "importing riders" from Japan, and the early nineties saw numerous riders coming in from Japan (including Tatsuhiko Iino to race the CMRA and Oak Hill Raceway. I guess if it was good enough for John Kocinski, Kevin Schwantz, and Freddie Spencer to learn to race...then there was something to that track!"


"Another amazing thing in 1992 was the ongoing emergence of a racing family from Kentucky. Some guy named "Earl" used to haul his kids down in a box van to race mini's here in Texas. I remember him being a good dad and pretty strict on the boys. The kids apparently turned out OK...it was three brothers that went by the Name of Tommy, Nicky, and Roger Lee...last name Hayden I think!"


"Eric Falt, Jay Deaton, Barbie Spears, Chuck Ergle, and Tommy Hickman were all continuing to ride well in the L/W and mini classes."


"LASTLY the thing I will miss most from 1992 was the constant "stacactto laughter" of the late Andy East & Mark Maness teaming with Joe Prussiano, Bryan Hanson, Tim Barnes, and Robert Bradlaw as we battled all year. It truly one of the best years of racing I have been a part of."


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CMRA COMPETES AT THE MEMPHIS WERA NATIONAL (...and remember that Michael Martin on Team Suzuki Endurance was a CMRA RIDER!!!)


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